A specialist approach in an urban woodland

He absolutely loves Forest School. He comes home very happy and I have seen a huge shift in him. His happy sparkle is back!

a parent

When I'm in a classroom it feels like a cage, when I'm in the woods I feel free...

a child

We had a superb day and the children thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. What a success!

a teacher

I loved the camp fire and roasting marshmallows. I also loved stroking the newt that we found in the pond. The day was relaxing and calming, it was such a good day

a child

“Forest School is amazing; the children were all totally engaged in what they were doing, and all seemed to be really enjoying the activities…This seems to be a fantastic opportunity for those children involved“

a teacher

Oh my goodness! My daughter came home buzzing about forest school! She never comes home so excited! She enjoyed it immensely! Thanks!

a parent


We use a specialised outdoor learning approach that allows all our children regular opportunities to achieve, to develop confidence, to boost self-esteem, and enjoy a hands-on learning experience in a woodland and natural environment with trees. 


We have created a safe nurturing space which allows individuals to explore their feelings and behaviours at their own pace. We challenge them, through play based activity,  and support  them through their decisions and processes to help them recognise how different choices and use of their emotional resilience “toolkit”  may lead to different outcomes. 

We're at

St John's C of E Primary & Nursery School, Portland Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 2SG


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