ACTIVITY: Make a Covid-19 Time Capsule

These are historic times. We think it is important to take some time out to think about how we are feeling about being at home and not in school. We are all doing things we wouldn't normally do and spending lots of time with our adults and families. These are strange and weird times and might make us feel different to how we normally feel and that is perfectly okay.

We were thinking of ways to help you think about how you are feeling and we came up with the fun idea of a time capsule!

What is a time capsule? A time capsule is a collection of thoughts, information and items, usually intended to communicate with future people.

Below is a project to help you make your time capsule. You might like to include some items of your own, have a think about what could help people in future understand the time we are living in right now. We think its a good idea to draw and write about how we feel as well - there's even a page for your adults to help with. You can design your capsule and decorate it. Maybe use a plastic bag to keep your items dry and protected or place them inside a plastic bottle, glass jar or and old biscuit tin or plastic container?

We also thought it would be fun to bury or place the capsule somewhere special to you (if it's safe to do so). Have a think about how you may do that. Ask an adult before digging up the garden though!

We want to share your story with us and share a photograph of your capsule and if you bury it let us see a picture of that too!

Download the TIME CAPSULE PDF file

Ideas to help you get started

Here's a link to a step by step guide to make a time capsule from a plastic bottle

Here's a link to some ideas.

Here's a clip from a TV program of their capsule.

Watch David make his time capsule


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