ACTIVITY: Make a Magic Stick

Does magic exist? Can you make spells and wave wands to make wonderful things happen?

Let's find out, but first you will need a great magic stick. All great wizards and witches actually make their own wands from wood they find outside. They then make it their own by spending lots of time decorating it - those that spend longer can use their sticks to make more magic.

Go for a walk with your adult and find an interesting stick - it can be what ever shape you want. You may think all sticks are just ordinary, but look carefully and you might find one that is perfect for a broomstick, a powerful wizard's staff or a wild witches wand.

Let your imagination go wild - you can use natural found objects to decorate your wand. If you are feeling really creative you can add jewels, coloured ribbon, paint, feathers, patterns, whatever you think will make it more magical

Once you are ready get an adult to take a great picture of you and your wand, send it to us and we will try to include it in the next 90 Seconds with OWL video - be careful not to make anyone in your family disappear though!

Here's some ideas to get you started.