Updated: Apr 2, 2020

We had to make our first learning challenge about owls… seeing as that’s our name! Have a look at the instructions below. There's a worksheet with a quiz, a colouring page and a challenge to make an owl picture from found objects.

We don't want you to worry, this is just for fun so go ahead and enjoy the activity and don't forget to show us on the OWL noticeboard what you have done.

Have a read through the Barn Owl information below and answer the questions.

Download and colour in the owl picture. When you are finished ask your adult to photograph it and then post it on the OWL notice board so all your friends can see.

Can you make your own owl picture or sculpture from found objects? Maybe you could make it out of found objects from around the house or from a walk outside or even a hunt around your garden. Think of creative ways to make it and post your results on the OWL notice board.

ADULTS: You can download the PDF’s and print them and use them as worksheets for the children to read and complete alone. For younger children you could read the Barn Owl facts to them and turn the questions into a Quiz. Leave the children to create their own Owl ‘found’ picture, try not to direct them – ANY idea is valid. If you could add a photo of the results to the “OWL Notice Board” that would be a great way of the children not feeling too isolated in the task. Thanks, Stephen.



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