PHOTO COMPETITION: See the outside world as an animal

Updated: Jan 25

As part of lockdown we are challenging you to think like an animal and take four pictures for our online exhibition

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Have you ever wondered how animals see the world? Do they see it the same way we do? Imagine being a tiny little bug - how big will a flower look to you? If you are a bird sitting in a tree, what does the view look like? What does a leaf look like really close up if you were a bug sitting on it? Where might you shelter if you are tiny?

We would like you to think like wildlife and take four pictures that represent what it's like to be animal in the woods. We want you to go on a walk with your adult and use a smart phone or camera to take your pictures. You may like to make a cardboard viewfinder to help you, the instructions are below.

Once you have decided on your four pictures you can upload them using the button below to enter them into our competition. We will be making an online gallery so all your friends can view you work. There will a prize for 1st place. This completion is open to anyone aged 3-11 years old and the closing date is Friday January 29th 2021.

The Four Pictures you need to take are:

A bird’s eye view

Climb up onto higher ground and imagine you’re a bird soaring high in the sky. Look down, what can you see? How do things look different from a higher perspective?

A bug’s eye view

Lie on the floor to see how a beetle or a snail sees the world. Peer through blades of grass and around flower stems. Do you notice anything you’ve not seen before?

A close-up

Use a magnifying glass to study moss, tree bark or a leaf. Are tiny details suddenly revealed? If your camera has a macro setting use it to take a close-up photo.

From beneath

Have you ever looked at the underside of a leaf or flower? Try it! How is it different to the side you normally see?

Use a viewfinder to help you

Print out the picture of a viewfinder below and cut out the white section to help select four views that you think would make interesting photographs. How would you see things if you were a fox, insect, farmer, woodland ranger, bird, hedgehog or other woodland visitor or inhabitant? The pictures above should help you with ideas.

  • Look all around, above, below and to the side of where you are.

  • Lie on your front or on your back and see how this changes your view.

  • Frame your view using branches or leaves.

  • Think like your animal, what might you be looking at?


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