The Allotment Project - Can you help?

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Our proposed site

We have come to the end of our first academic year using the existing three raised beds at the OWL allotment. We have had excellent results, with the children planting vegetable seeds, pricking them out, growing them on and watching them turn into plants. They have enjoyed trying the food produced too, some of which was taken home to families.

We have had support from many volunteers and financial help from the school's PTA and work carried out in kind by a fencing contractor. With everyone's help we transformed an unloved piece of land and turned it into a growing garden for all the school community to use.

But...We want to grow more!

That's right - we want to grow even more food to send home and to try out in school. We want to make the site more accessible and use the space more efficiently. With a little bit of re-organisation we can jump from three raised beds to nine. Giving us almost three times more growing space. We will retain the existing buildings as shown above, but re-organise the growing areas, building the new beds with the children.

We are looking for timber and good quality compost. We have worked out that to purchase timber and soil for each 10foot by 4foot bed would cost in the region of £200 each. We are asking our friends and supporters, once again, to help us further transform our space, so that the children get even more from being outdoors and experience growing food together.

Thank you, fingers crossed we can do something amazing together again!

What can you do and what do we need?

Do you know anyone who has a good supply of timber? A scaffolder perhaps? Or contacts at landscaping companies or garden centres who may be able to help in kind? Can you make a donation? Little amounts add up to big amounts!

We are looking for donations to the total of:

41 - 10ft used boards, we would be delighted but surprised if this was gifted from just one supplier!

9 22 gallon bags of top soil, again we'd be delighted but surprised if this were gifted by one supplier!

One bed would cost approximately £200 to purchase.

6 x 10foot x 6in (at least) (approx £50 - £60)

8 x posts 24in x 2in x 2in (approx £20)

1 x 220 gallon bag of vegetable topsoil/compost (approx £90)

Choose and option below if you feel able to help in any way.